We’ve got some exciting news—our shop has a brand new name and website, acr.nz!

We are formerly known as Outrider Motorcycles and now changing to ACR - Automotive Components Refinishing.

In the past year, we’ve had some big changes, so what better way to enter the next chapter of our journey than with a fresh brand identity?

Outrider Motorcycles has been an integral part of this growth and we’ve made some amazing memories along the way—and now, we’re excited to announce that we’re taking it up a notch!

Vintage, Classic and Retro Motorcycle Restoration & Custom Work

Do you have a motorcycle that needs restoring but you just do not have the time, mechanical skill or experience to do it yourself?

Restoring a motorcycle requires major commitment and paying attention to detail.

We will help you get your classic, vintage, or retro-style motorcycle into shape fast, in a consultative way without breaking the bank.

We source the best parts for restorations from our global network of suppliers to ensure your motorcycle is completed to your budget & exacting standards.


Classic Motorcycle Restoration

Unique Classic Motorcycle Restoration for Your Vintage Treasures

At Outrider Motorcycles we take classic motorcycle restoration on with precision and delicate care. We thoroughly assess the condition of your vintage, retro or classic motorcycle before we start any part of the process to transform it to its former glory. We deliver more than a facelift as we want you to get your aged asset back in mint condition, ready to go where the adventure takes you.

What You Can Expect from Outrider Motorcycles Regarding Vintage Motorcycle Restoration

Our approach when it comes to any restoration motorcycle project is to follow a consultative approach.

  • We know you wanted to invest the attention and care into bringing the beauty back to life. Unfortunately, our lifestyles are time-consuming, and after watching your once-powerful machine die a slow death underneath an ever-thickening coat of dust, you send her off to us. We keep you in the loop of the process because we don’t want you to miss out on any bit of the excitement and we don’t want to go over your budget.
  • After a quick once-over, it is time to get our hands dirty. The state of your motorcycle will determine how much mechanical work we need to complete, but we will more than likely need the power to get her motor humming once again, so a battery check and carburettor inspection are at the top of the list. We inspect the gas tank to see if there is any rust. Replacing spark plugs is an essential chore then we move over to safety features such as lights and breaks. We replace what is gone and repair the parts that can stay.
  • When it is all up and running, the real fun starts. It is time to add a personal touch, improve the visual charm and give your bobber or café racer some bespoke flair. Custom bars, seat covers and paint, will return your retro motorcycle to its former glory. Before sending you off on many adventures, we ensure that all electrical wiring is in perfect condition, ready to run come rain or shine.

Related Services We Provide to Custom Motorcycle Work

We have a deep appreciation for vintage and retro motorcycles, but when the need for speed calls, we don’t miss out on the opportunity to answer either. We are the one-stop-shop for any of your biking needs.

  • Vapour blasting offers a gentle cleansing and polishing process to clean the surface of materials such as brass, cast iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminium. Vapour blasting allows us to revive components to their former satin finish. We can also do sandblasting if you need a more robust procedure to get rid of surface rust or paint.
  • Automotive components, knives, eyewear, saltwater applications and aerospace all have one thing in common, performance ceramic coatings. Our High-Temperature Coatings are the perfect solution to add a custom finish to suspensions, frames and engine components. It has built-in heat refraction properties able to withstand temperatures as high as 980°C. It is a desirable coating due to durability, corrosion and chemical resistance.
  • Buying up your spare parts. It might just seem like a cluttered garage which are way too much work for one person to clean out, but to us, it might mean finding a rare part which we need to complete a project. We’ll pay you cash for your spare parts, and bits and bobs that we can use. Our licence as motor vehicle traders and second-hand dealers protect you in your dealings with us.

About Outrider Motorcycles

We are a team of power sports enthusiasts delivering customer satisfaction with a disciplined approach adapted during years serving in the military and Special Forces. Our background is the reason for our dedication to all the motorcycle outriders who rendered their service, time and commitment to fire brigades, ambulance services, law enforcement agencies and military units. We salute you for your selfless service to those in need.

At Outrider Motorcycles we are more than a business, we offer camaraderie in the motorcycle industry and our door is always open for you. Contact us and become part of the legacy.