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Sandblasting in Auckland

Trust Us for Professional Vapour Blasting, Sandblasting, and Soda Blasting in Auckland

Whenever you require a thorough cleaning of your motorbike or parts, you should consider sandblasting in Auckland. It’s a process that strips away rust and other contaminants from a surface by forcing solid particles across it using compressed air. At Outrider Motorcycles we provide various methods of blasting including vapour blasting and soda blasting in New Zealand.

Benefits of Soda Blasting in Auckland

Soda blasting is a new form of abrasive blasting that professionals in the field consider to be non-abrasive. It entails using sodium bicarbonate at high pressure to remove rust, dirt and other tarnishing. These are some of the benefits of using soda blasting on an engine.
  • When you use soda blasting on any material, it doesn’t damage the underlying surface like other abrasive media. We use an air compressor to blast soda particles onto a surface which then explodes into tiny molecules to remove any dirt on the surface. It has a gentle effect on the surface while achieving its goal.

  • Over time, motorcycle parts gather grime and other contaminants from the open road. Restoring it to its previous condition is a tough exercise but is achieved using soda blasting. It breaks down hydrocarbons via a process called Saponification and removes grease and paint up to 15 times faster than hydro-blasting. Furthermore, sodium bicarbonate is non-toxic and safe to use without any health hazards. Another benefit of soda blasting is the ability to clean engines and other parts without having to remove seals and hoses.

  • Soda is water-soluble and therefore, environmentally-friendly. Wherever people work with soda blasting, the bicarb won’t build up in the soil and near residential areas as the water from rain or other sources dissolves it. Additionally, it’s safe for humans to inhale small amounts of sodium bicarbonate without risking their health.

What You Should Know About Vapour Blasting a Motorcycle Engine

Vapour blasting is similar to dry blasting in that it uses a medium and compressed air to achieve the desired effect on a surface. The difference is, it includes water in combination with an abrasive medium, to enhance the surface and has other advantages.
  • In the event of dry blasting, you should create an enclosed space where you can contain the debris and emissions from the blast. Vapour blasting drastically reduces these emissions thanks to the weight of water. As a result, you don’t require a large contained area for the job, and it creates a safer workspace. A technician doesn’t require much personal protective equipment with vapour blasting compared to dry blasting.

  • This form of blasting requires a minimal amount of abrasive media. The wet particles take on the bulk of the work due to its hydrostatic force and increased mass. It merely means that a small amount of abrasive produces a higher output, reducing media consumption.

  • The mix of the abrasive and water coupled with the air pressure of the vapour blasters are sufficient for jobs of any size thanks to its adjustability. Hence, vapour blasting is ideal for all types of material. Furthermore, because the abrasive is mixed with water as it leaves the nozzle, it acts as a lubricant and increases the longevity of the equipment.

About Outrider Motorcycles

We are owned and operated by passionate powersports enthusiasts and combine our experience from being in the military to provide goods and services with utter professionalism. We love all types of motorcycles with particular interest in vintage, classic and retro-style genres. Apart from vapour and soda blasting, we provide motorcycle sales, service, repairs, restoration, and so much more. 

If you love your motorcycle and would love to regain its impeccable finish, contact us for assistance.