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We are formerly known as Outrider Motorcycles and now changing to ACR - Automotive Components Refinishing.

In the past year, we’ve had some big changes, so what better way to enter the next chapter of our journey than with a fresh brand identity?

Outrider Motorcycles has been an integral part of this growth and we’ve made some amazing memories along the way—and now, we’re excited to announce that we’re taking it up a notch!

INNOVV C5 Helmet Camera

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  • C Grade A product that is in good condition, but has had wear and tear that may require tidying up to get it back to full manufactures specifications or standards.

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$455.00 In Stock

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The C5 Helmet Camera is revolutionizing the rider recording experience...!!! 

This camera has a cable length of 1 x meter 
Small,  lightweight, discreet, and easily managed, the C5 Helmet Camera allows

you to be in control without bulky and heavy hardware attached to your helmet.

Stylish and Effective. Designed to be discreet.

Light-Weight and Compact but Packs a Powerful Punch. Solid Performance

& Built to Last

1. Protect Yourself

2. Protect Your No Claims Discount

3. Tackle Crime and Bad Driving

This single fixed camera provides visual, and sound recording capabilities.

DVR available in either black or gold.

Review live recordings & toggle device settings using the INNOVV App for your Apple or Android Smart Devices.

120 angle degree Front and Rear Visibility.

Full HD 1080p Single-Camera System.

The camera records high quality video. The SONY EXMOR R-CMOS sensor operates in wide dynamic range, and captures footage in FULL HD 1080P at 30fps

Recycled Loop Recording.

Water Resistant Design.

Smart Power Supply Module and Parking Recording.

Stylish and Small Camera & Mount.

This investment comes ready to play. Every single item needed to get you up and running is in the package.

Universal Application.

The Motorcycle Camera System is built using tough but light composite technology that can be seamlessly mounted on multitude of vehicles, from motorcycles to ATV/UTV, to snowmobiles.

The camera comes in 0.5m and 1m length camera cables.
This auction s for 1m Length Cable

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