We’ve got some exciting news—our shop has a brand new name and website, acr.nz!

We are formerly known as Outrider Motorcycles and now changing to ACR - Automotive Components Refinishing.

In the past year, we’ve had some big changes, so what better way to enter the next chapter of our journey than with a fresh brand identity?

Outrider Motorcycles has been an integral part of this growth and we’ve made some amazing memories along the way—and now, we’re excited to announce that we’re taking it up a notch!

Performance Ceramic Coatings 

Are you wanting to enhance performance for your motorcycle, car, or power sports engine through High Temperature Coatings, or looking to add a unique finish to casings, suspension, engine components, frames, wheels, carburetors etc..??

The unique Ceramic Polymer based composition of our ceramic coatings provide unrivaled thin film surface performance and aesthetic properties for your motorcycle, car, truck, or power-sports application where you are seeking improved performance and looks.

    Our High Temperature specialty coatings provide heat refraction properties to temperatures up to 980 C allowing for cooler, more efficient, and higher performing engines.

    Advantages of Ceramic Coatings 

    • Corrosion Resistance
    • Hardness & Durability 
    • Chemical Resistance
    • Thermal and High Temperature Properties

    Common Uses & Applications 

    • Automotive components, firearms, aerospace, knives, eye-wear, consumer electronics, wearable's, salt water applications, and much more

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    Benefits of Performance Ceramic Coatings

    • Unrivaled leader in thin film protective coatings
    • Tight tolerance applications allowing for very specialist applications
    • Unmatched corrosion , chemical and durability performance
    • Unique ceramic-polymer technology that imparts both flexibility and excellent physical performance
    • Colour selections
    • UV Stability

    High Temperature Coatings

    • Best performing ultra-high temperature coating on the market
    • Up to 980°C High Temp
    • Industry leading heat-cycled corrosion resistance
    • Withstands thermal shock without degrading or losing colour
    • 100% UV Stable
    • Extremely high chemical resistance

    Engine Applications: 

    • Pistons
    • Valves
    • Combustion Chambers
    • Exhaust Ports
    • Exhaust Headers
    • Turbos Exhaust Manifolds
    • Exhaust Pipes
    • Mufflers

    Clear Coatings

    • Ceramic Clear Coatings with unmatched performance
    • Unrivaled durability, hardness and scratch resistance
    • Excellent chemical resistance and flexibility 
    • Excellent UV Stability
    • High Temperature rated
    • Matte and Gloss finishes

    Applications include:

    • Metals (including all common alloys of aluminium)
    • Composites
    • Plastics
    • PVD
    • Hydro-graphics
    • Wood
    • Many more

    Ceramic Coating for Motorcycles and Automotive Vehicles

    High-Performance Ceramic Coating for Motorcycles and Automotive Vehicles

    Whether you are looking to deepen and perfectly lock in the shine of your motorcycle’s finish or enhance both the aesthetics and performance of your engine, exhaust heads, brake callipers or other parts, nanotechnology, in the form of a ceramic coating for motorcycles is the only way to go.

    At Outrider Motorcycles, we pride ourselves on being the leaders on all things two wheels in Auckland and the North Island. From motorcycle sales to repair and maintenance to motorcycle panel and paint work, motorcycle frame painters, full restorations and complete rebuilds, we have you covered.

    What You Can Expect From Outrider Motorcycles Regarding Motorcycle Panel and Paint

    We know that any real motorcycle enthusiast would be a little wary of letting just anyone work on their pride and joy. 

    • We offer the best customer service in the industry. We live and breathe motorcycles and as avid motorcycle and power sports enthusiasts; we understand precisely what you want when it comes to your bike. Whatever you need, from motorcycle panel and paint work to professional repair and maintenance, our team will look after you.

    • You will not find quality artistry like ours anywhere in Auckland or on the North Island. Our professional and highly experienced teams of motorcycle frame painters, mechanics and technicians will ensure that your bike is in excellent shape.

    • We don’t let the grass grow under our feet. We know that you are itching to get back out on the road, and we endeavour to get you up and running again as soon as possible. Whatever you need, we do it quickly and effectively.

    What Sets Outrider Motorcycles Apart Among Motorcycle Frame Painters?

    When it comes to motorcycles, we don’t mess around. Whether it is a routine service or a major overhaul, a brand-new paint job or a complete refurbishment, we make sure that it is the best that money can buy.

    • We only use the best available parts, paints, powder coating products and ceramic surface coatings available on the market today. For us it is not just about getting the job done. It is about achieving the optimal result in everything that we do.

    • Our highly experienced team of professional bike mechanics and technicians, painters and coating applicators will not rest until your bike is as good as it can get. We work with military precision, with excellent attention to even the smallest detail.

    • Our hand-picked team is personally vested in the outcome of the job.

    About Outrider Motorcycles

    At Outrider Motorcycles, we decided to follow our dreams of owning and operating a professional motorcycle repair, maintenance, panel and paint and refurbishment shop after years of dedicated service in the New Zealand armed forces.

    We utilise our military precision to ensure the best in service and workmanship for the motorcycling communities of Auckland and the North Island. 

    Contact us today for more information.