We’ve got some exciting news—our shop has a brand new name and website, acr.nz!

We are formerly known as Outrider Motorcycles and now changing to ACR - Automotive Components Refinishing.

In the past year, we’ve had some big changes, so what better way to enter the next chapter of our journey than with a fresh brand identity?

Outrider Motorcycles has been an integral part of this growth and we’ve made some amazing memories along the way—and now, we’re excited to announce that we’re taking it up a notch!

Motorcycle Grooming & Detailing

We will groom and detail your pride and joy. We have a multi-stage approach to grooming and detailing, up to and including paint protection utilising Nano Technology.

Our Process is based on a three-phase process:

1. Initial surface cleaning and preparation

2. Paint and surface preparation

3. Application of Nano coating to provide paint and surface protection from harsh New Zealand UV light, protect from seasonal paint contamination, provide hydrophobic qualities, and light scratch protection.


Mobile Grooming and Detailing

If you are too busy to bring in your machine, we will travel to your location upon consultation and groom/detail your motorcycle.

Please contact us for a quote for our service area for mobile grooming and detailing services

Protect Your Motorcycles Paint with Our Ceramic Nano Coatings

Your motorcycle is undoubtedly a big part of your road adventures, which is why our ceramic nano coatings are so important. Protecting your paint job will help the bike retain its shine now as well as years into the future. Choose Outrider Motorcycles and experience motorcycling excellence.

The Importance of Motorcycle Polishing and Doing it Right

Here are some reasons you should consider polishing your motorcycle and letting us do it for you:

  • Polishing different materials requires different methods. We understand these, have all the necessary products at hand and can do it right away. Doing it yourself will be a time-consuming process – even just to buy the products you will need.
  • The apparent reason for polishing is to restore the shine and beauty of your motorcycle. You want to turn heads with how well you look after your bike, and we can help you do it.
  • A lesser-known reason to polish your motorcycle is to prevent degradation of materials over time. When polished, metal retains its shine and becomes less prone to rust, while paint has better protection against the sun and other elements.

Polishing might seem like a simple endeavour, but the truth is there are a few nuances to doing it that will ensure extra benefits. When you let us polish your motorcycle, you can rest assured you will always get consistent results.

Benefits of Using Our Services for a Motorcycle Engine Clean

Cleaning a motorcycle engine might sound simple, but there are reasons professionals – such as ourselves – provide these services. Here are the benefits of letting us clean your engine:

  • We use the right cleaning products to ensure we don’t damage anything during the cleaning process. When you do this yourself, you will have to put time into extensive research as well as cleaning the engine. Unless your schedule can accommodate a lot of time off, the best choice is to bring your bike to us.
  • We understand where and how to clean to avoid damaging delicate parts of the engine. Covering up specific parts of the engine is essential when cleaning it, and we know how to do it right.
  • We can work with any engine, whether that of your favourite vintage bike or your new Harley. This ensures that you always get consistent results, which might not happen if you attempt to clean different types of engines yourself.

Why Trust Us when You Need Motorcycle Detailing or Similar Services

We founded our business on the principles of professional service, excellent communication, and a passion for motorcycles and power sports. We love working on vintage bikes as much as we enjoy working on newer models. Our professionals have excellent experience and can provide you with custom detailing that reflects your personality, so you never have to settle for stock-standard results.

We pride ourselves on bolstering not only the resilience of your motorcycle but your love for motorcycling. With a wide range of services available such as tailored detailing, polishing, the ability to restore motorcycle plastics, and more, we are the one-stop motorcycling shop you need.

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