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We are formerly known as Outrider Motorcycles and now changing to ACR - Automotive Components Refinishing.

In the past year, we’ve had some big changes, so what better way to enter the next chapter of our journey than with a fresh brand identity?

Outrider Motorcycles has been an integral part of this growth and we’ve made some amazing memories along the way—and now, we’re excited to announce that we’re taking it up a notch!

Metal Finishing and Polishing

With the selection of the correct mass finishing equipment, finishing media and compound a number of different surface finishes can be achieved. 

Our professional metal restoration, polishing & finishing services are complimented by our Vapour Blasting and Ceramic Treatment services.

We will work closely with you to customise your material finishing and polishing with a custom finish so your pride and joy stands out from the crowd.

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Isotropic Super Finishing

Wherever metal surfaces come into contact with each other contact-stresses and friction occur. This friction results in heat, loss of surface material, increased maintenance, and can lead to failure of parts.

These conditions regulate and reduce the performance and compromise the design of the component.

Super-finishing is a means of regaining those losses by producing a superfine finish where it is most needed. 

The process is carried out in specially designed commercial equipment that is then utilised with high density, non-abrasive ceramic media and specially formulated metal finishing compounds.

This process results in a metallic surface that can operate at cooler temperatures, with greater efficiency, whilst extending the life of the part and reducing maintenance and break-in periods

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Our advanced polishing finishing systems produce perfect surfaces with the minimum of material removal. Polishing processes are carried out in our commercial range of equipment making each application cost-effective, technically advanced and highly productive. 

The selection of the correct non-abrasive medias and polishing compounds is vital to producing a highly polished component. 

Applications include, but are not limited to:
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals
  • Stainless Steel
  • Engine components
  • Marine components


During manufacturing processes to create specific shapes from various materials, often sharp edges and/or protrusions are created on the part.

These raised particles and shavings that appear when components are machined are referred to as burrs, and the process by
which they are removed is known as deburring.

Our commercial machines are designed specifically to carry out the process of deburring machined parts, and suitable for the deburring of bulk materials.

For deburring, the choice of the right equipment, abrasive media, and compound is absolutely crucial. This requires a great deal of
experience and specialized knowledge in order to selecting the correct products for the application.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and how we can assist by providing advice, the correct media, compounds, and processes to carry out your deburring requirements and assist you in your operations.


Our vibratory Mass finishing equipment is an extremely useful tool for the descaling and cleaning of various types of materials.

The equipment in conjunction with consumables such as abrasive medias and cleaning compounds work together to remove any scale, rust or grease and improve the surface quality of a range of different components.

The use of mass finishing equipment for descaling and cleaning applications completely eliminates the need for hand finishing which saves you a considerable amount of time and money.

What is Super Finishing?

Whenever metal is manufactured, machined, or altered, a surface texture is generated. These processes such as grinding (abrasive cutting), polishing, lapping, abrasive blasting, honing, milling, etching, or chemical milling. 

The resulting texture has peaks and troughs, similar to the painted surface of your vehicle. This texture will vary between a vertical, horizontal, radial, circular, or cross hatch finish.

When these rough surfaces are opposing each other within a high stress environment such as within a mechanical system in an engine or transmission, stress & heat can lead to failure of an individual component within that system, resulting in cost for repairs, replacement, or machining costs.

The Super Finishing process uses a chemical and vibratory process to lower the Surface Ra (roughness) to as close to zero as possible to achieve an Isotropic Surface Finish. This finish is referred to as an Isotropic Surface texture

This isotropic surface texture and lowered Ra (roughness) then allows the two opposing metallic surfaces to operate with reduced friction, enhanced efficiency, lower heat generation, increased lubricity efficiency, lowered metallic stresses, which results in achieving the benefits of the Super Finishing process. 

The Benefits of Super Finishing

The use of mass finishing equipment for descaling and cleaning applications completely eliminates the need for hand finishing which saves you a considerable amount of time and money.

  • Increase Fuel Economy
  • Reduce Contact Fatigue
  • Increase Power Density
  • Lower Operating Temperature
  • Extend Mean Time Between Maintenance
  • Reduce Friction
  • Increase Part Durability
  • Improve Corrosion Resistance
  • Reduce Wear
  • Reduce Lubrication Requirements and Cost
  • Improve Oil Retention Properties
  • Reduce Contact and Bending Fatigue
  • Improve Pitting Resistance
  • Reduce Vibration and Noise
  • Reduce Applied Torque Requirements
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

Super Finishing Applications

The Super Finishing process is suitable to many categories of engine and gearing components. The process can be utilised in high performance power sports, Motocross, Vintage & Classic engine and gear components, large capacity engine components (Big Twin Motorcycle Engines), and Marine and Aviation components.

Applications include:

  • Crank Shaft Assemblies
  • Connecting Rods
  • Gudgeon Pins
  • Cam Shafts
  • Lifters
  • Transmissions
  • Drive Shaft and Final Drive Assemblies
  • Gears
  • Oil Pump Gears

Superfinishing and Metal Polishing in New Zealand

The Importance of Motorcycle Ceramic Coating

Motorcycle enthusiasts often think about modifications that enhance the visual appeal of the vehicle as well as performance. Whenever you decide to modify the performance aspect, you should consider only the best. One of those upgrades involves a high-temperature ceramic wrap which is highly valuable and beneficial.

  • Motorcycle engines produce extreme levels of heat. Should the heat not be disposed of properly, it can damage the vehicle. You cannot avoid heat leak entirely, and uncoated exhaust headers don’t work well to insulate the exhaust gas. When you apply the coating to the headers, it improves its heat resistance and prevents any damage from the heat. Once you’ve coated the header appropriately, it protects the exhaust from corrosive materials.
  • Basic exhaust headers with thin pipes allow heat to escape to the engine compartment. As a result, other components of the engine are affected, reducing the header’s functionality. The protective ceramic coating prevents damage to other essential elements of the engine from occurring.
  • When you effectively manage the heat of your vehicle, you reap the benefits in its efficiency. The ceramic coating prevents heat from leaking out and speeds the expulsion of exhaust gas from the tailpipe. You will notice that the backpressure decreases promoting a higher efficiency of your engine. It also reduces emissions, assisting in the protection of the environment.

What To Expect from Outrider Motorcycles Regarding Performance Coatings

We started this operation out of our love for Powersports and motorcycles. We understand that you love your bike and taking care of it is a priority. We provide everything that you need in a one-stop-shop to have your motorcycle operating at maximum capacity. When you deal with us, you can expect an all-round service.

  • Apart from addressing your bike’s performance through high-temperature coatings, we take care of the cosmetic aspects as well. Our team uses nanotechnology to detail and groom your ride to your specifications. The outer coating protects your paint from the harsh UV light and other harsh contaminants. Furthermore, we’ll travel to you and get your bike’s grooming done at your convenience.
  • To remain current, we offer an online shopping experience where you can search for and buy the necessary gear for your motorcycle. We have a vast range of items for sale, including classic bikes that are thoroughly detailed, providing you with unique background stories. Once you’ve paid for the items in your shopping cart, we dispatch them directly to you.
  • Aside from selling classic and vintage rides, we also pay cash for unwanted motorcycles and parts. If you’re not satisfied, we offer you the opportunity to select an item from our inventory. All our salvage and second-hand parts are inspected and graded for quality and operation.

Give Your Bike a Boost with An Exhaust Wrap

The advantages of installing an exhaust wrap on your motorcycle are vast. Apart from improving on the appearance of the bike, introducing the wrap decreases the engine temperature. The more heat you can draw from the engine, the better the exhaust wrap holds the heat in the pipe and assists with its function of releasing smoke and heat. Outrider Motorcycles have several components including Super Finishing, to assist with the temperature of your engine.

Why Choose Outrider Motorcycles

Motorcycles are close to our hearts, and we decided to pursue this passion to assist others in the same boat as ourselves. Our business is built on the pillars of exceptional customer service and providing high-quality goods.

Contact us for all your motorcycle needs.